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Anna Flynn

Anna Flynn, Marketing Tech Specialist, Dublin

Come join the passionate, talented, and diverse team that supports the largest global digital marketing community.

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Paulo, IT Manager, Dublin

Work with us, feel fulfilled and have fun. With over 165k+ members around the world we help digital marketeers change the world.


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DMI is a diverse team, united by a common purpose. We collaborate on projects, seek feedback and input from all areas of the business and look to learn from one another. We collaborate both with and for our students, members and partners.

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Customer Satisfaction

DMI's first responsibility is to its customers and community, providing program participants, partners and companies with the upskilling and confidence that allows them to meet personal and business goals. This means creating the world's best training solutions, staying ahead of industry treads, delivering great customer experiences, tackling problems with a view to fixing them once and forever.

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Setting the standard for the digital marketing profession also means we hold ourselves accountable to the business, ourselves, our customers/members and to the industry.

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We respect ourselves, our colleagues and the environment in which we work.

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DMI is enthusiastic about the work that we do, focused on delivering on the promises we make to our customers, and eager to support one another.


Web Developer

Full-Time, Dublin

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